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Atheist Eve
God's Priorities (January 2011)

God's Priorities (January 2011)

This was a very thought provoking illustration. There are a lot of stories in the media right now that seem to be desperate to prove miracles occur. I call it miracle propaganda.

You mentioned disasters and suffering all around the world. In addition, wars and incredible evil are running rampant. The argument from evil obviously dismisses belief in an absolutely moral, omnipotent, omnipresent god. Yet, believers find potato chips shaped like the Virgin Mary and call it a miracle. I find the modern version of a miracle laughable compared to the miracles of ancient history. Do they know what a miracle is? Maybe they need a better perspective.Resurrecting the dead, parting the sea etc.

I find it fascinating as well. My favorite (satirical) example of just how far people will go to look for a 'miracle' is this...

What possible meaning could a supposedly omniscient creator be trying to convey by such an appearance?! ;)

oh dear.. i almost got a stroke from laughing when i saw the "modern sort of a miracle" linked in the second message!! Sorry Satan, you will have to wait a bit longer for my pitiful soul :( I think this image won't me go for a long time. :) "..has recently been blessed with the revered and holy image of Jesus Christ on his hindquarters." No wonder people can't find Jesus when he chooses such places to spend his time on Earth haha.

>Yet, believers find potato chips shaped like the Virgin Mary and call it a miracle.

This made me laugh.

People are always willing to see whatever they need to see when it comes to religion. How many times has the Virgin Mary showed up in a billboard or floor tile or ham sandwich? Hilarious stuff you have here on this site. I created a spoof of the Periodic Table of Elements andcalled it the Biblical Myths Table of is at

This seems a strange place to place your blatant advertisement. I think that I will skip it and save the $51.75.

From: tracieh

>Yet, believers find potato chips shaped like the Virgin Mary and call it a miracle.

This made me laugh.<!

That really would be a miracle! I was writing something with the idea that everyone already knew what I meant. I was trying to say Yet, believers find potato chips that they claim are shaped like the Virgin Mary (anything with an oval shape) and call it a miracle.

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