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Atheist Eve
Very cute strip

Speaking as a former comic book artist myself, this is a really cute and on-point little bit of satire. And it isn't mean spirited, it just effortlessly makes religion look as silly as it is. Keep it up.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! -th

I love what I've seen of your work so far. I plan to read everything you've written. Do you have work for sale? Where can I buy it? What's your guidelines on reprinting and distributing your work?(By e-mail? In newsletters?) I got directed here from Fundies Say the Darndest Things ( ) Congratulations, BTW, on overcoming the traumatic upbringing and speaking up. You rock!

Hi John: I get so little feedback, I don't check this area as often as I probably should. I don't have "Atheist Eve products"--which I think is what you're asking? And as far as reprinting, I'm pretty liberal. I generally say, "Sure, just be sure to credit the ACA site by providing the link (in print or online). I'll usually allow two or three images to be used. But if it involves another person (such as Don Baker), I need to check with them as well. If anyone else is involved in the strip, it will be displayed on top of the strip. When people don't ask for permission, I'm still pretty lenient--as they almost always credit ACA as well. The only time I've had an issue was when someone changed a strip and reposted it. I don't allow alteration in any way.

Thanks for the kind comments and the interest in the strip!

Hi Tracie, I'd love to see some of these strips, where can I find them?

The complete set of Atheist Eve is there. Just use the arrows to page through them.

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