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Atheist Eve
Re-posting the comics

I've read your comic for about a year now, and I love it. I would like to repost some of them on Myspace. Would this be acceptable to you?


Can you provide a link to your MySpace site so I can check it out? I'm generally agreeable to giving permission (a lot of people don't even ask, so you get major points for that), but I like to see the sites before I agree. Also, let me know what strips you're interested in specifically. If you want to post any of Don Baker's concepts, I need to check with him before I can give permission. (His name appears at the top of the strips he's scripted.)

If you don't want to post the site link to a public forum, you can also reach me using the Atheist Experience contact link/e-mail.

Thanks very much for writing. I'm glad you enjoy the strip.

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