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Comparative Religion
Does anybody know anything about Islam? or read the Quran?

The Quran is a book from God that u can read & test incase u dont believe. it has miracles in science, nature, human etc,,, things r stated 1400 years ago that r proven and discovered nowaday. It's a must read book.

thank u

Try writing like an adult, the insipid 12 year old style doesn't carry much weight.

Care to give some examples of these proven miracles, or are we to take your illiterate word that they're there?

As science goes, the book teaches many valuable facts.

Our universe is geocentric All men came from a single man The world is flat The moon produces light

Shit, who needs textbooks when we have all these facts in one easy tome?

Last time I tried reading the Quran, the translation was written in the quality of OP's writing. I honestly tried real hard to give it a chance, but the horrible translation + nonsensical claims like ones in the Bible were just too much for me to complete it.


THE TOPIC: "Does anybody know anything about Islam? or read the Quran?"

Yes, I have read the Quran and I have read about the history of Islam.

Ashanti said, "The Quran is a book from God that u can read & test incase u dont believe."

I would like to know how you know that this is a book from God, and how did you test it?

Ashanti said, "it has miracles in science, nature, human etc,,, things r stated 1400 years ago that r proven and discovered nowaday."

What are the miracles in science, nature, human etc. that were stated 1400 years ago that have been discovered and proven today?

Thanking you in advance for providing any proof what so ever of these extraordinary claims.

I hear crickets chirping... :-D

okay, is there a point?

i'm a malaysian i have lots of islamic friends, what is it that you want to confirm???

i do know that there are scientist here that tests these things

He is basically trying to convert us :P Damn man.. many others tried and they made much more sense than you will ever make. Let me try to put this in words you might understand.

Dude u try reading them book urself and then come 2 atheists 2 discuss it!

Most muslims never really read the book.. much less understand what it says best example a turkish friend of mine who really tried convincing me that it is a book written by god on human skin with human blood, thrown down on the earth for the man to know "the truth" that they have no proof about, neither about the teachings nor about such horrifying origin.. Bizzare enough.. but absolutely idiotic and the problem with that is that its never said in any part of the Qur'an, moreover it is fact for most muslims that the Sahabas wrote down Muhammed's teachings that he got from Jibril himself and those writings were then summarized into one book by Caliph Abu Bakr. His successor and his daughter then "standardized" it into another form of arabic language and that version is pretty much the accepted original version. More or less.. the way i understood it..

But you also say its a book from god?

Most muslims just learn the arabic version of some of its recitatations that they need for some rites and partially know what they are blathering about. Most kids learn it mainly to get money on Eid or Bayram or whatever you call it on your part of the world. Thats about it, rest of their belief is based on hearsay and countless interpretations and re-interpretations and teachings from their imam who mostly has no clue what he is talking about as well. Then you use your imagination and wrap the crap together to your own belief. Obviously that is enough to call oneself a true muslim. Well i bet having it yelled out through boxes of 15 mosques around your house 5 times per day that your god is the greatest makes it easier to believe.

Oh and trust me i know what i am talking about, i am from an islamic country myself, actually my nick (that i chose years ago) is pretty similar to what you refer to as hell - JayHennem = jahannam And yes i am making fun of it because the muslims where i come from always tell me that i am going to hell because i don't submit to their crap. The fact that they say so while drinking alcohol is even more amusing. The way they treat their women in some countries based on their own religion is reason enough for me to call it bullsh!t, not to mention the rest. But hey you'll get tons of virgins if you stick to the incoherent crap that you call your belief so why not give it a try?

Let me tell you one thing, ALL you muslims would have lost your hands ears and noses and so on according to the sharia and will burn in jahannam according to your own book because none of you is a true muslim and if i really end up there, I will take over and rule you guys for eternity since Iblis or sheytan or Šayṭān or whatever you call him isn't in there anyway so my competition is just some manipulable sheeps.

Have a nice afterlife.

ps. thanks for the "uber scientific" stuff of which some was well know even 1000 years before you wrote it in a book that barely anybody ever reads thoroughly.

in malaysia, muslims are obligated to take a class called "agam"(religion), from the 1st week of schooling till the last week of high school.

what they learn is the language Jawi; however they are not thought on the grammar expects of this language, it's only thought so they can recite the quran. aside from greeting; none of my muslim friends/associates tru out my life speak with each other in Jawi. i've in many instances ask my friends what certain phrases meant, none of them could translate nor could they tell me what it meant.

there have been lots of bull where they defended their own childish whims by using the quran; the 5 times prayer is actually due the the respects of the 5 pillars of islam, one of which is actually to the prophet jesus christ

wow there i learned a bunch of things again.. and about that jesus thing.. or Issa or however you want to call him.. i don't know man.. even if its about the flying spaghetti monster.. its killing me at 4 am :(

In some Muslim academic institution there is a subject called Ijaz Elmy the firs word Ijaz is derived from the Arabic verb Ajaz which means roughly " render helpless" the idea is that the amazing scientific truths in the Quran cannot be answered and thus render the doubters helpless. There is an online encyclopedias (in Arabic), for examples at The problem with such claims is that they are never open to discussion. Anyone pointing out that they are nonsense is open to (possibly physical) attack. Basically reason is intimidated into silence. An example of this nonsense is that the Quran contains an atomic theory based on the use of the word "tharah" in a couple of places in the Quran. This word was used in a way similar to minute in English to mean very small. This was its use in the Quran and in pre-Islamic Arabic. In the twentieth century when the western sciences started to be translated into Arabic this word was chosen as a translation of "atom". This use was the base of the absurd claim that the Quran contains an atomic theory. Many Muslims realize that this is nonsense but dare not say so

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