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Holding Town Hall Meetings In Church

There is a pressure group in both parties to use “spirituality” to win elections. There is a more subtle movement by the left to bring religious ideology into the Democratic Party than there was by the “spiritual” right. The Republicans were lead down the path of only working on religious issues, and look where it got them. Both parties need to rid themselves of this deadwood. There never will be a reason to require any discussion of ideology in any political setting. It is absolutely off track to bring theology into the municipal proceedings of government. That includes requiring people to take an oath on the “Bible” to tell the truth in court. This is not freedom, it is forcibly requiring a person to prejudice “Christians” against them, and has nothing to do with telling the truth. If a person does not believe the “Bible” is the literal truth than what does it mean to require them to swear on it? This practice should be declared unconstitutional, but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

The “church” is being promoted as a good place for “grass roots” movements. This is absurd; as soon as the people take a political meeting to “church” they have already lost control. The “church” hierarchy will take over in that setting, and they are for sure an important part of the establishment. Many Americans believe that capitalism, patriotism, and church are one and the same, but nothing could be more deceptive. The enemies of this fabrication are the unspiritual socialists. If you assess the ability of the “church” to address social injustice they have a very poor record. They were not working to bring about civil rights; it was JFK using his power along lines of excellence and RFK ( who tried to get the movement to go for the vote) but their cleric leaders encouraged them to march for more minor rights; if blacks had gotten the vote sooner it could have avoided a lot of grief. Very few white clergy backed civil rights, and many openly opposed it. They actually formed coalitions that are with us today to stop the civil rights movement. I did not perceive a remarkable change in unemployment, the homeless, or healthcare, because of unconstitutional faith based initiatives. Everyone’s civil rights are threatened today through the use of censorship, and the violation of the right to “separation of church and state.” In our once wonderful country we had a Constitution to protect the (weak from the strong) not the flipside of that.

When we get to “church” for our town hall meeting will the discussion be about the candidates who have nothing to put on the table, or is it more likely to be a discussion about which candidates is the most “spiritual.” I just can’t wait to see the Holy Roller Democratic convention.

The patriots of early American history had town hall meetings in town halls. They fought to free themselves from a church state. Today the desire to control the people through “church” is all that these spiritual quacks are interested in. We do not have one good political party they both suck! There are many organizations that are “watchdogs” protecting our rights, so how did we get all of these bills passed that violate them. The situation has only gotten worse. The small measures of these watchdog organizations could never resolve thorny issues, and have proven to be too little too late. They are tackling less than significant problems just to keep things going the way they have always been, while many of us want vast change. By no means have we accomplished the “great things” that Americans have always been striving for. The power that the people possess has already been spread out in too many conflicting directions, and this has created a divisive atmosphere. Taking our grievances to “church” is a perfect example. America has a President not a titular head of the “church.“ A “church” has the right to control what goes on in their meetings, but not in our government.

Too True!

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