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My new favorite preacher

James the street preacher, enjoy:

*Note*Attention: There is no such thing as a goddamned Creator, and if it did exist then He/She/It would only allow Atheists in Heaven. (I think this constitutes blasphemy somewhere in the statement)

You know, I had an anthropological theory while watching this guy. The first human civilizations had to give the worthless people something to do.

Remember in Clan of the Cave Bear, all the shamans were lamed? Our humanity planted this monster of Religion in a dark soil, and watered it with ignorance.

People like this 'street-preacher in a studio' couldn't withstand the rebuttal of a fifth grader. The problem lies in the encouragement of the masses and their blindness.

Street-Preacher's statistics are skewed a tad too, but his logic is infallible…

I'm a fool to disbelieve in a supernatural being that says I'm a fool if I don't believe in it. Wow! It works. I'm now a believer in Jebus! Yes, sir…I'm a Christian now. But, unfortunately I'm still going to Hell. After all, the one "Unforgivable" sin is Blasphemy.

Which means that if Street-Preacher had read his Bible, he'd know that even converting Atheists would still go to Hell, so why state his intention to convert as many as he can… Unless he's stupid?

Which brings me back to my assertion that the majority of those becoming shamans are to lame to do anything else.

The Street Preacher says that 99% of atheists have not read the entire Bible and they should read it.

Has The Street Preacher read the Atheist Bible (System of Nature by Baron d' Holbach)? I believe he should (if he has not). In fact, I believe he should read it in French (since none of the English translations of it are of a high quality).

Oh, I think I meant to post this one:

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