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A moment of faith for you infidels :-) ...

That's how doubleplusgoodthinkers should behave!

...... ...... ......

" ... Stroong and Peaceful, Wise and Braaave Fiighting the Fiiight for the whOle world to saaave Weee the people will ceaselessly striiive To keep ouur great revolUtion aliveee Unfuurl the banners, looook at the scrEEn Neever before has such glOry been seen

Oceania, Oceania, Oceania, 'tis for thee. Every Deed, Every Thought, 'tis for thee Every Deed, Every Thought, 'tis for thee Every Deed, Every Thought, 'tis for thee ... "

... Beware thoughtcriminals! Big Brother is watching you (from heaven)!

Oceania - I thought - George Orwell's 1984 was a parody of religion mixed with government exactly like what the Religious Right has brought into being. This is suggested from the Big Brother that is unseen; there is no physical presence, only an image that is everywhere and can do anything. All knowing, all seeing and all present (omnipresent.) The greatest authority BB; could include God and Party.

Joseph P. Kennedy was Ambassador to England when WWII started. The Ambassador was against America becoming involved in WWII or any war. Nobody listened to him. After America entered WWII Ambassador Kennedy said, (democracy is dead in England, and possibly in America) and then he resigned.

George Orwells 1984 involves spying on citizens and watching everything that they do. I'm sure that WW II made it very apparent what any government could do to its' citizens. There were people thrown in prisons all over the world because of that war. Germany was not alone when it came to war prisoners or spying on citizens.

Winston Smith (Winston Churchill) works for the Ministry of Truth a disillusioned member of the party. His job is to make sure that no news is published that conflict with the party. The story is set in Oceania, which Britain was once part of. Oceania is a huge nation that is constantly at war with two Asian nations and the newspapers are constantly switching the enemy and the ally. It's hard to keep up with whom you are at war with.

This is very interesting because it was before the Cold War, but it is a very accurate description of what has gone on ever since WWII. Joseph P. Kennedy and George Orwell were really smart.

The genetic engineering in the book (called I forgot) I think it is a reflection of the racial purity that Nazi Germany wanted to achieve - still it is about genetic engineering - way ahead of it's time.

George Orwell's 1984 should make everyone think about what it could be like if one party takes over in the name of their "god" and our government is overrun by religious fanatics.

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