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Why does God need Angels?

If an omniscience, omnipresence and all powerful (why isn't omnipowerful a word?) God exists, why does He (or She, or It, or Them, or Whatever) need Angels?

Wikipedia: 'Angels are spiritual beings found in many religious traditions. They are broadly viewed as messengers of God, sent to do God's tasks. Traditions vary as to the precise nature and role of these messages and tasks. Notions regarding the appearance of angels also vary, they are often perceived to have a human-like appearance and are usually depicted with wings.'

If God is infinite in all his wisdom, why does he need Angels to do 'tasks'? Doesn't that mean he is fallible? I once asked someone this and they said that 'God is the CEO and the Angels are like the subordinates in the company' I replied that 'he can't do everything then, he is not all knowing and all powerful as he needs others to help with decisions' Again, if God created the Angels (I assume He created the Angels... I actually wonder where they come from), and he is infinite in wisdom, why does he need them? If ye appears everywhere at once, can't ye do everything at once (as opposed to getting the Angels to do it)? If ye created every single thing in the universe (from the stars to the billions of parasites on our bodies), then why does extra ye need help dealing with a few human affairs? And if 'Demons' are 'Fallen Angels', doesn't that mean that Angels (Gods creations) are fallible to? and why do they have a hierarchy? (Isn't that saying that one angel is better then the other and why would God do that as he created them?)

Sorry if this has already been discussed (although I can't find any threads), but I'm just wondering

Have a nice day God bless Atheism!

did you know that there are NO female angels which mean there are only male angels, if you believe everything the bible is true, that must mean God is GAY, because angels don't wear clothes.

also angels have no souls and they lack emotions, basically no different from a computer

God is gay because angels do not wear clothes? The Catholic Church teaches that God is out Father and our mother. God has no sex, because He (masculine out of tradition) is not human. Also, how can God be gay or homosexual when referencing humans. It would be more akin to bestiality not homosexuality, since there is no other god mentioned.

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