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The Best Book in the Bible

My question would be: What is your favorite part of the Bible?

Myself as a non-believer I find the book of Revelation most interesting. Well right around Revelation 6:(1-17 i'm guessing) it talks about these seals that were opened in heaven and seals 1-4 intrigued me the most. I find it funny that the concept of War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death were unsealed from Heaven. I'm guessing the faith of men and women had to be put to the ultimate test. Then there's the 7 angels that were given trumpets. One in particular summons a star called "Wormwood." Wormwood affects parts of the waters and many men die because the water was made bitter. I mean seriously these died for no apparent reason. Then you have the Beast- which I really don't care about.

But yeah, this could be a great movie. Alot of people dying and a guy named John taking witness to these accounts.....observing from heaven. I mean if it were me I'd feel bad for these people. That's my story, feel free to reply or post your favorite part of the Bible.

Best part of a song verse ever: IF THERE IS A HELL, I'LL SEE YOU THERE! NIN: The Downward Spiral - Heresy.

creepy stuff derek!

I guess like many people my favorite character is King David. He's good looking, he's charming, he's smart, he's a hero, he's king (and we all know it's good to be king) and he even has the almighty in his corner...but he just can't help screwing things up. And he does, big time. So very, very human.

My favorite book in the Bible is definitely Job, wherein instead of protecting his faithful follower, God gambles with his health and family and worldly possessions, explicitly permits him to be tortured, his family to be murdered. To win a bet with Satan. Never mind that this is a rigged bet and God is cheating because God is omniscient and knows in advance what Job will do, no God has a point to prove /to Satan/, and that in itself is all the reason God needs to completely abandon someone who continuously believes and prays for assistance. It's a true miracle brought by prayer. And when it's all over, God "gives" (ie. allows Job to find a new wife and for that new wife to conceive) more children than Job originally had, as if that somehow made up for the original murders. What's more, when Job CALLS GOD OUT on his immorality, God gives him a dressing down for Job DARING to be upset at God murdering his sons and using the devil as the hitman.

A+ stuff there.

The RIGHT thing for a god to do in that position is to say to Satan, "I don't need to bet with you, I'm God. He doesn't curse my name. And since I don't lie, you know that's what happens, so you lose the bet." Or more aptly, "How in the where you are supposed to be locked did you get back up here again anyways?"

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