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In case somebody doesn't know

Most of the Atheist forums are chock-full of rants from empty-headed Bible believing fanatics. They hang around to make replies that are nonsense; they carry on nonsensical conversations with each other, too (I'm not a theist but maybe God is…. Uhhhh, my shoe?) Everybody knows these "I'm not a believer but…." types think that atheists are easy prey because they think atheists have never read the Bible and they don't know the first thing about religion. So, just post Bible verses like crazy. Everybody knows these persecuted theists have a long list of imaginary wrongs atheists have done to them…and you're gonna hear them all! Meanwhile the unlike-minded fanatics have a few insults…. atheists are arrogant- of course that's because they think that anyone is arrogant who uses a napkin. Everybody knows the purpose of this I guess? Go after those people in force, rope 'em tie 'em up and force worthless crap on 'em.

They're why America is the laughingstock of the world. We didn't accomplish great things because of these flakes; it has been in spite of them. They would bring back the good ol' dark ages if they could only get their way, and America has a dire future if they do, because intellectuals will leave this country and go where there are some sane people who appreciate them. Everybody knows it's the sharp people we really need not dimwits. In case somebody doesn't know, now you know.

This is a "spoof" of a typical "Theologian's" answer:

Well, you can drop the attitude mister because nobody thinks God is your shoe, but I did find a potato chip shaped like the Virgin Mary once. Guess what? Christians have converted uncivilized Natives all over the world, and taught them HOW to use napkins. You are the laughingstock because if there isn't a God why are there so many churches? There are too many churches for it not to be real. Besides that…how would my dog know how to bark if there wasn't a god? I didn't teach him.

Anybody knows that asking for proof of God is like asking how the cream filling got into the twinkies. Furthermore, I don't have anything against intellectuals; some of them are all right!

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