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Religiosity is the problem.

I am currently working my way through grad school and I live as though there is no god or gods. I do not think the existence of gods would matter anyway. If god exists it does not follow that we should worship or care about it or what ever. So, why bother to debate or argue when theism as a world view seems to refute itself and atheism is just the opposing view that just says no? It seems to me that theism is not the problem it is religiosity that is the problem.

D. Snyder,

Only if an atheist were in denial (or in the closet) would they ignore the discrimination in America against them. You can start with the Pledge of Allegiance. Atheists who are more open and honest point out the fact that it creates a connection between patriotism and religious belief. People who believe that our laws are derived from God, and want the Ten Commandments in courthouses are discriminating. Even though the Ten Commandments came from the Egyptian book of the Dead. These idiots don't know that.

Atheists should just ignore the fact that they are being forced to support religion through "faith based" initiative. The issue as to whether aid recipients can discriminate in hiring has been pending at the Justice Department for about a year with no public resolution. Religious organizations that discriminate do not deserve public subsidies, but the religious find this type of bigotry agreeable with their American principles of liberty. The military has long been accused of discrimination against agnostics and atheists. Nothing demonstrates the disrespect for atheists in the military more than the expression "there are no atheists in foxholes."

So, all this shouldn't bother atheists! Atheists shouldn't raise the conscientiousness of the public on any of these matters. The only people who don't want any public criticism voiced on these issues are theists.

The issue of debate over the credibility of religious beliefs should be in front of the public on a much grander scale than it ever has been or probably ever will be. Religion has been used for all kinds of purposes and it has now become a political tool for one party. Theists do not think atheists should be left alone or even allowed to have the same opportunities as they have. It is perfectly acceptable for the devout to personally attack, insult and discriminate against atheists, but no other group in America. The atheists are just out of line because they aren't keeping their mouths closed. However, theists do also discriminate against people of different religions and political persuasions, but they do it more discreetly. Prejudices of all kinds are rampant in America but atheists are the most hated group in America according to every survey. These bigots do not deserve to go "scot-free" to continue to spread the mumbo-jumbo without being confronted with all their false claims. People who don't want all of this out into the open are only apathetic toward the atheists, because doing nothing helps the theists.

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