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How to deal with a believer that is NOT willing to question his beliefs.

I am a teeter-er.... I don't believe the same stuff as my parents/grandparents do. You see, I was baptisted and I believed in Jesus. But I currently need help. I started dating this devout Christian (he didn't tell me right off he was a Christian, which should've been a sign) but I've grown to care about him. I have expressed that I don't believe in the Bible. I am usually met with a condescending repsonse, usually snarky.

Long, long story short. What is a question I could ask my boyfriend (33, raised as a Christian and recently *trying* to reaffirm his faith) that I can ask him to prompt him to search deeper into the facts about his religion?


I am a single older gentleman. In the past my friends would arrange to have me over to meet one of their single women friends. I almost never experienced a situation where they didn't ask me where I go to church, sometimes before they knew may name.

I had a few relationships that lasted a short time, but they have always flopped eventually. Even if they don't start out asking me where I go to church, once I get to know them they want to take me to their church. I always refused the invitation. They always wanted to know why I wouldn't go with them to church, so I told them. That was usually the last time I heard from them too, and I was not unhappy. I always said good riddance to a lot of needless turmoil. Since then I met some freethinkers back home and we get along fine. I never have to explain a thing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this, you can't make someone into the person you want for a companion, and you need to meet someone who already is that person.

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