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Demons and scarey stuff

Ive seen videos of exorcism on youtube (Makari Yunan, Bob Larson) etc. Now even if you think they are all frauds, can all these crazy reactions all be explained by personality disorders? I am not saying there are supernatural happenings here,I am saying that there must be some other explanation of this phenomenon. By what method are all these people self-deluded into produced low husky voices and screaming? Auto-suggestion? All of them? I have found some research but not a lot. Anyone shed any more scientific light on it?

Who says personality disorder is the explanation demon possession? Personality disorder is a real diagnosis, but that has nothing to do with hocus pocus.

Has a qualified psychologist examined these demon possessed people (or those performing the exorcisms) and the people who believe someone is demon possessed?

Uneducated, ignorant and superstitious people who want to believe things that are not true is the explanation. There are people who believe they are possessed by demons and people who believe that they are Napoleon. Some people are mentally ill and others are just acting. This hokum is an attempt to prove the existence of God and the Devil because they donât actually have any real proof that what they preach is true.

The spreading of witches and demons myths has taken the life of untold millions of innocent people throughout history because when group of ignorant fanatics come under pressure they look for a scapegoat.

It plays into traditional beliefs that someone is responsible for a negative change and those accused of witchcraft, demonism, or Satanism are usually the most venerable.

People believe in witches because the Bible says there are witches. This belief has led to the Salem Witch-Hunts in America and the Church inspired witch-hunts throughout Europe, which is not as well known. Today teachings about witches in Africa has led to a horror story of the ministries spreading fear and superstition that has caused the murder and torture of Children accused of witchcraft.

Nigeria is one of the heartland of abuse, but hardly the only one: the United Nations Children's Fund says tens of thousands of children have been targeted throughout Africa.

There is nothing scientific about this primitive belief without any scientific evidence.

Thank you Linda for your informative and thoughtful post.

Linda (or other members of the community),

I would welcome your views on this catholic priests claims of levitating victims,etc.

It is the final hurdle I need to rationalise to deconvert , but I find this stuff rather scarey so it still "gets to me". 

I hope you can help me in these difficult times.

I suppose I find it hard that how someone could actually see something normal yet attriubte it to supernatural goings on. Is that man so deluded or could it be something is in it?  If the church really did see stuff like this couldnt they just show us all?Wouldnt that clinch the deal for them? If its made up, can they really sponsor a total lie?Surely an outright lie would violate even the very rocky catholic doctrine?

90% of me says this is rubbish. 10% of me still clings to some delusion of my old belief system

I want to break free fully. If anyone can help I would be very greatful.

I considered actually going to Texas to meet you guys and there seems more sanity there in your group that most of the world put together!

If it were not for superstition and ignorance there would be no religion. That is all it has ever been about hocus-pocus. But Jesus rebuked the evil spirit, healed the boy and gave him back to his father. And they were all amazed at the greatness of God. Luke 9:42 - 43.

Anneliess Michel was a Catholic woman from Germany. It was alleged that she was possessed by six or more demons and subsequently underwent a series of exorcisms. Anneliese Michel, 23, died after an exorcism in Leiblfing, Germany, in 1976."And they were all amazed at the greatness of God. Luke 9:42 - 43." I guess so? The responsible parties were put on trial but they got off. There was a disgusting movie based presumably on this case that didn't tell the actual story what so ever. This woman who was subjected to these revolting superstitious rituals was probably very ill to begin with and the exorcisms killed her.

Dec 26, 1973 after a boy aged 17 killed a girl aged nine, he told the police that he had been possessed by evil after seeing The Exorcist (another movie based on a so-called true story) .

In 2007 a New Zealand family drowned a young mother by pouring water down her throat during a Maori exorcism. Janet Moses, 22, died after family members poured water down her throat and into her eyes in an attempt to lift a curse on her, the High Court in Wellington, the capital, was told. A 14-year-old cousin also had her eyes gouged and water poured down her throat during the same ceremony. Six women and three men, all members of Ms Moses' family, were charged with manslaughter.

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Begin with the book of 1Samuel the witch of Endor conjured up the prophet Samuel for King Saul, to Salem Witch trials, and on to modern day Africa. Religion has spread intolerance and narrow-mindedness. Religion is the curse on humanity. Reports from Congo-Kinshasa: on the gruesome business of exorcism. Prophet Onokoko says he is casting out evil spirits. Congolese children are being accused of witchcraft and made scapegoats for the country's many ills. They believe that many of these children have died from their exorcism. Superstitious people want explanations when things go wrong. Children are being accused of sorcery and chucked onto the streets. More than 14,000 children in Kinshasa are said to have been thrown out of their homes accused of witchcraft. All will have to undergo some kind of ritual exorcism to expunge the evil spirits.

Victim of brutal murders has swept the Tanzanian shore of Lake Victoria. Many of the murdered are elderly women, often widows, brutally hacked to death with pangas or machetes by people who suspect them of practising witchcraft. People dislike the killings, even though most still strongly believe that witchcraft does exist.

There is no doubt that many of these killings are planned. People repeatedly spoke of a gang of killers paid to murder suspected witches. Although the killers were known and were caught and sentenced, they were released less than a year later.

Most people do not realize that Roman citizens did not consider Christianity "all that and a bag of chips" when Constantine first concocted it. There was a great deal of religious deceit, and outrageous lies committed by the church fathers in order to spread the big lie.

St. Jerome "There is nothing so easy as by sheer volubility to deceive a common crowd or an uneducated congregation."

The first church was Catholic and those priests were the first (church fathers) because the first ever-Christian church was in Rome and it was of course the Catholic Church. Other denominations of Christianity came much later. These priests spread superstition and fanaticism. They wanted the followers to be willing to die, or to kill others, for the new faith. Today many Catholics have tried to distance themselves from their days of yore exorcisms, but the charismatic have latched onto this money maker along with healing and miracles. Protestants once ridiculed Catholics for believing these things in the past, until they realized two things, saving people from evil is about the only reason they have to exist, and it does make money. I feel very confident that this is one of the ways to keep religion going to this day, and no doubt about it, they will tell any lie to keep this good thing going.

Most of the texts in both the Hebrew bible and the New Testament were forged in the names of their authors to give them 'authority.' The main figures in these plagiarized stories never existed. They were all merely the rehashing of other ancient mythological figures.

There was never one word of truth in any of the stories used to teach the illiterate uneducated peasant. These stories were meant to entertain and plant particular ideas in their heads. They made up the story of a humble virgin who was chosen to be the mother of the Son of God. However, it was the very same myth that had been told in other cultures and with many different names.

Eusebius "it may be lawful and fitting to use falsehood as a medicine, and for the benefit of those who want to be deceived."

There is no evidence for the existence of a devil or Satan. The only proof of the existence of spiritual figures or evil entities is what they supposedly can do to a person, which means they possess the person and take over their soul. However, beyond any doubt these yarns are folklore and nothing more. Some resourceful and imaginative ancient priest who witnessed someone having a fit or suffering from mental illness probably thought up the demon possession lie.

The world is full of utter complete fools who believe that there is a red man with a pitchfork and horns called the devil. The Christian Satan fictional character was made up by deceitful religious practitioners to frighten idiots into the fold.

Look up James Randi and the $1,000,000 paranormal challenge. The fact that NONE of these supposed 'hocus-pocus' claims has ever passed scientific scrutiny STRONGLY suggests they are ALL frauds.

I watched this exorcism video on youtube where a pastor(don't remember the language he was speaking) was casting out demons and the possessed man and his mother were speaking English and after they were "casted out" the guy was still speaking english praising Jesus. I can't believe you can dupe people into believing this stuff.

I'm not surprised at all. Take a few college courses on social and/or abnormal psychology if you get the chance. It's amazing the kinds of stuff the human mind is capable of.

I strongly encourage you to research the subject of demon influence and disorders such as 'personality disorder', etc. This is a very deep subject. can tell you that sometimes disorders are a legal right for demons to affect that person. This is not a cut and dry thing. The devil will try every way possible to affect a life by distracting from God and the truth. I

Well, Deborah, you got one thing right-this is a very deep subject.

How exactly do "disorders" open an innocent person up to the "devil"-or as you put it, give the "devil" a "legal right" to that person? What the hell is a "legal right"? Would that include a schizophrenic child, a downs syndrome baby, an old person with demetia? Your "logic" might the topic would be interesting to read-or at least humorous. It is sad, however, that we have to deal with this dark age thinking in 2015.

Remember when you "devil vs. god" folks blamed epilepsy on demons? Now we can CURE it. No thanks to you sweet prayer filled darlings-lol.

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