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The Pope Condones the use of Condoms.. sorta

I'm a little conflicted on this "revelation". It seems to almost kinda sorta indicate a snail speed shift towards finally getting rid of the myth that condoms are bad.

(Some background on this here - )

But for some reason a certain Paula Abdul music video involving a cartoon cat keeps coming to mind...

He seems to be trying to please everyone at the same time (I hope he brought protection) as per usual.

SBUK said, "I'm a little conflicted on this "revelation". It seems to almost kinda sorta indicate a snail speed shift towards finally getting rid of the myth that condoms are bad."

Yeah, isn't it amazing! The Pope (maybe through divine revelation) finally got that unsafe sex spreads AIDS and other diseases? There was another announcement that allowing the use of condoms was for the prevention of infection but not for birth control. They have not changed their stance on birth control. After millions have died from childbirth and unsafe sex in developing countries - amazing!

Wouldn't you think it a far greater sin to not allow the use of birth control in countries where they live in poverty and filth? It seems immoral not to prevent pregnancy in these countries when most of the births will probably result in the mother's death and the child dying in filth and starvation.

However, there is enough blame to go around for everyone. President Reagan initiated the gag rule, which manipulated federal policy to promote "froot loopy" religious values and deny women the health care services and information they needed. The global gag rule prohibited providing women in developing countries information about medical options under the illogicality that to allow her comprehensive information and care would encourage what some nut jobs label as immoral actions and behaviors.

At that time, under that rule, no U.S. government funding for family planning services could be given to clinics or groups that offered abortion services or counseling in other countries even if the funds for those activities came from non-U.S. government sources. The result was that clinics closed, medical staff were lost and family planning, sexual and reproductive health and HIV services were cut back, affecting many communities in developing countries. Some of the pioneer organizations in African sexual and reproductive health, lost U.S. funding for its rural outreach programs, condom distribution fell by 40 percent overnight, impacted family planning and HIV prevention programs.

President Clinton overturned the policy when he entered office and Bush re-installed it under his watch. The lives and rights of women have been subject to the combination of religious ideology and Presidential power.

In 2001 when the Gag Rule was re-imposed the European Commission and donor governments recognized the devastating impact it would have upon health provision around the world and increased funding to cover some, but not all, of the lost funding from the U.S.

On the 23rd of January 2009 President Obama reversed this disastrous policy that was one of the most controversial and ideologically motivated policies imposed by former Presidents.

The thinking (ideology) of archaic ignorant sheepherders who didn't understand reproduction should not influence our policy makers in a modern world. They believed a woman was unclean after she gave birth. She had to shave off her hair and then she was banished to a shed. It was the evil women who caused men to sin. They still do!

They still don't understand any kind of science, and these are the idiots who have decided that women have no rights (not even minimal rights) concerning their own bodies (or reproduction). The global gag rule prohibited poor women in developing countries from knowing their medical options under the guise that to allow them comprehensive information and care would encourage what some religious groups label as immoral actions and behaviors. Some ignorant people have a problem understanding women's rights, and that's probably why they are so dumb that they think their distorted views are what everyone has to adhere to, no matter how illogical. All animals propagate, it's not a sin; it's biological evolution.

The Conservative government's Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon ruled out any kind of family-planning programs being included in Canada's signature initiative at the G8 summit in 2010. The government's ridiculous and backward stance started getting international attention when the Canadian government decided to exclude support for contraceptive programs, supplies, and information from its initiative to save the lives and improve the health of mothers in poor countries. Then the government revised its position to agree with funding contraception but not safe abortions. The problem with that is there's no way to save the lives and improve the health of mothers without family planning. According to the World Health Organization, 13 percent of the 500,000 pregnancy-related deaths in poor countries that occur each year are the result of unsafe abortions. I don't know what Canada decided ultimately for a final policy.

Family planning is the first and most critical prevention or intervention programs that reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. Programs that do not include family planning will not be effective. Someone asked if these people know the difference in birth control and abortion? Some people consider birth control the same thing as abortion. The Pill prevents ovulation, which means the egg can't be fertilized. However, in order to have an argument they create a scenario where a woman forgets to take her daily dose, and an egg gets fertilized. The Pill would prevent the zygote from implantation. That risk is astronomically negligible. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop this gaggle of geese from squawking that the Pill kills babies. These humanitarians are more concerned about zygotes than starving orphans who lost their starving mothers because they couldn't pump out another future Christian.

Human reproduction has nothing to do with senseless Biblical selections devised for the entitlement of primitive chauvinist pigs thousands of years ago. There are all kinds of people dying from starvation and disease throughout the third world. The spreading of ignorance and a primitive ideology and discouraging the use of birth control or protection are every bit as responsible for the spreading of AIDS and death to untold millions of women and children in developing countries around the world.

Congress should permanently repeal the gag rule, so no matter who is in the Oval Office, federal funds can go to hospitals and clinics that provide comprehensive reproductive information and services, rather than only to those that restrict informing women of all their choices and rights.

I have found that it is common to find criticism and even name calling, such as, you're a Narcissist if you don't agree with someone's religiously biased ideas about family values. Narcissism is most simply defined as self-love. It is considered healthy to care about your own well being and to have a healthy self-esteem; I've never met a bully that didn't suffer from low self-esteem. Those are the people who believe that only people who think like they do deserve a decent life (just those who agree with them). They do not help anyone who needs it simply because they think that everyone (no matter how insignificant) is more important than worshiping a sky fairy. A Narcissist is someone that loves himself to the exclusion of all else and others and that it is not considered healthy or normal. Like believing that they are (a kings kid) special and privileged, some even have fake crowns. Only the people that agree with their worldview deserves to breath. So, they go about vilifying anyone who doesn't believe "woo woo" ideas are entwined with human reproduction.

Megalomania is an unrealistic belief in one's superiority, grandiose abilities, and even omnipotence. It is characterized by a need for total power and control over others, and is marked by a lack of empathy for anything that is perceived as not feeding the self. Yes, I am suggesting that's exactly what these people are, who have caused untold horrors for a long time. I can't think of anything good (let alone great) that any of them have ever done. Unlike John Lennon (an atheist) who put his life and career on the line for PEACE.

By prohibiting federal funds from being directed to hospitals, clinics and non-governmental organizations that provide accurate reproductive information and appropriate services, they are trying to mandate their particular religious brand of "moral" behavior and propaganda based on the views of specially privileged religious groups. No one should have allowed these megalomaniacs a form of crude; self-exaltation that brings with it a very dark undercurrent of hate towards anyone, including the French (remember home fries) who might disagreed them.

To do nothing to control the population in countries where people are starving is seriously contrary to even basic ethical behavior. Preserving human dignity, and giving a decent life to everyone is more important (to some of us) than constantly worshiping an imaginary megalomaniac God, who spends all his time counting the hairs on our head, but doesn't lift a finger to prevent horrendous conditions that hundreds of millions of people die from starvation in every day.

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