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Does anyone else think that this atheism vs theism debate is overrated? How a bout they get some nihilists in there and spice it up a bit and tell them both how futile all their arguments and rhetoric is in the end. It is all bullshit to keep us busy as long as we are alive. Once your dead it no longer matters. Life is overrated and atheists and theists tend to disagree with that assertion because they are forced to bullshit themselves and others.

I completely agree with you. The problem with the people on this show is that they claim they care about evidence and reason but they haven't the fortitude to carry all the way. They are consistent., but how can they when they bullshit themselves just like religionists. Atheists-- who are not nihilists-- are just as committed to bullshit as religionists like Christians are. I just watched episode 751 with Matt berating some guy about his beliefs. I find it funny that Matt doesn't have the sense to question his bullshit. I guess if you are a blowhard that keeps yelling over people you can accept anything you want. These idiots would not know reality if it kicked them in the ass.

Ad hominem much? I think the only fact that you presented evidence for was "I just watched episode 751".

By the way, you're welcome to call the show and show us just how awesome you are.

Thank you Don, I did not realize you thought me awesome. Ad hominem? Is what I said a fallacy? I honestly thought I was speaking truth. For someone always spouting off "show me evidence" I seriously doubt evidence would change your mind. You guys pride yourselves on basing your beliefs on evidence. Well, what evidence do you have that atheism is true? What evidence do you have that theism is false? What evidence do you have that either matter? Show me the evidence smart ass.

From our home page:

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods.

I'm an atheist because I don't believe. I think I'm qualified to state what my beliefs are.

The show is great, and I think it does it's best to educate people to open there minds. It is so hard to do what the host are asked to do! Most people want to be correct, and be considered knowlageable, but it is very hard for them to accept they are wrong (no talking snakes, or son of God, or walking on water). The best way to look at the show for me is, to try and learn something from both sides. There are very wise people on both sides, and we can learn from each other, the real hope should be for people to investigate as best they can, with out prejudice, and learn as much truth as possible. It may suck that you as a person is completly wrong in what you belive, but that will make you a better informed person for the rest of your life. That is what happened to me, and life is great knowing, that I am knowing things that are hard to understand, but much more gratifying to know! ( keep up the good work!!!!!)

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