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The rapture

So I hear that people believe the rapture will take place on May 21st. Is there any way to debunk this rather than using the bible as a source?

Sure. Wait for the date and point out that it didn't happen.

Just to be sure, not all Bible-believing people believe in Harold Camping's interpretation concerning this.

Harold Camping's site is down now. I guess his prediction didn't come true.

Yep, 6:00pm dun came and went. We're all still here.

What irritated me about Camping is that he always tried to dodge the question, "Will the people who supported you have a refund on May 22?"

Now, I don't know what will happen to those who already spent their life-savings, and those who sold all of their credit cards.

Maybe not, but that doesn't mean the things they DO believe are any less crazy.

Ah, yes. Haha

I still believe that Christ is coming back, so I can still be mocked when it comes to that.

Now he states it's October 21st and he won't give anyone their money back. Yep, he's a fraud.

i love messing with these people, here's how i go about it

the day after the of the "rapture"

i ask these question

why are you still here? are you not HOLY enough? looks like you're coming with me to hell then, wanna car pool? did you miss your flight? don't worry i'm sure there's another rapture flight in a few months

yes, i'm mean; only because these are the people who think they're better than me

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