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Modern Society straying from Religion

I was listening to a sermon given by this political philosopher (cant remember the name) and he was talking about how society these days strays away from Christianity and down the line society will eventually fragment causing pretty much chaos more or less.

As atheists, how do you think that straying away from Religion can be a positive thing and bring about order and understanding in order to govern our decisions?

Preachers want to impress on you how awful things are so they can sell you their religion. We liken it to breaking your leg to sell you a crutch.

Do you think Europe has descended into chaos? There are higher rates of atheism there.

How does straying away from religion make thing better? Easy. Religion is a broken model of the world. Having the correct model of the world enables a society to make better policy decisions and individuals to make better choices.

Take a look at this article: ( It shows how religious belief in various nations is correlated with a number of social ills, including abortion, teen pregnancy, lower longevity, infant mortality, etc. How can anyone claim that religious belief is good for a society with evidence like this?

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