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Questions for atheist, from an atheist.

I am an atheist in that I do not believe in any god(s) or their associated religions as they have been presented to me. As a fellow atheist, I know you are aware that atheist have an unjustifiable bad reputation in our modern society. This is a huge problem and needs to be fixed. Seeing what these folks at the ACA have been doing has been extremely inspiring to me to become more of an active atheist, but my question is this:

Can any atheist today honestly say they can see a time in the future when faith biased beliefs become the exception and not the norm? How will our activism today make big enough dent to cause lasting change in our society?

I will fight for what I believe to be the right thing, and this is the only time in my life I have ever been this motivated to fight for something, but what are some of the specific things an atheist activist can do to make a difference?

I have my ideas to share, but I would like to hear yours.

well you could ask them to convert you, rationally

to give you a reason to believe other than:

"you will burn in hell if you don't" (blackmail) "look at "*this*, you don't know why so it was god" (intelligent Design) "well so many believe" (Peer Pressure) "well do it just in case" (Pascal's Wager) "put any other stupid argument here" (religious brainwashing)

ask them how fair it is that, if their version of god is true, you have to be lucky enough to be born in an environment which will show them their "god's way"

ask them how fair it is that they teach their children something, then when they already believe it they take THEIR God's bestseller to back it up, twist the facts around and make things up just to justify whatever they want them to believe? why not let them grow up and read, and see if they want to believe it? why didn't their god love all people on earth and start the mambo jambo when we started to think? instead having our ancestors go to hell anyway, because they didn't even know about him

Well i can only say for sure.. the chance for the next few generations to live in that world you and I dream of is really small.. the ACA has inspired me a lot too, what i can do is ask theists to listen to my story and after that, and only after that, try to convert me to their religion

i tell them that believing in god for ME is not an option, not only because i don't find much logic (if any) behind their arguments, but because i am from a mixed marriage where i am thorn apart between 2 religions, so its easier for me to ignore both of them, the faith of one of their representatives is no reason for me to take his version of god for granted, and they still have to show me something to convince me

but i am sick of explaining my point of view over and over again so I ask them to read something

make yourself a coffee and take 10 minutes if you can and check it out.

i am looking for people to ask any religious persons to read it and try convincing me, and for atheists to help me improve the text and make it better, and to be more presentable to all religions, not only Islam, which the text is addressing the most, but not only, i tried to get the point across in general. If you think you can help me, email is on the page in the link.

actually maybe its even better to give them this link,

i got a few good replies already.. and some really disturbing ones.. but not that it wasn't expected

just to make it clear.. i am not looking for attention.. i am dreaming of a better humanity.. if not for me then for my kids at least.. and their kids.. and all our kids although it might be a bigger illusion than the one they are trapped in..

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