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Drawbacks of atheism

We'll never have the chance to say "Told you" after we die. Just a thought.

It is a religious concept that anything happens after death. Atheists don't think there is anything after death; we just cease to exist. Atheists know that we don't say things after we die; it's that easy. Not being able to say "told you" is not a drawback to an atheist; it is something that only a vindictive fanatic would worry about. What is there to think about?

All right, let me restate that. What I meant is that for me, as an atheist myself, it would be somewhat funny to see the faces of those who spent their lives believing in an afterlife, making their life choices in order to "save themselves", and then, after all that trouble, finding nothing. Then I'd jump and say "See? You were wrong all the time! Now let's enjoy nonexistence together." I understand doing this would mean some kind of afterlife should exist, so it's basically impossible. It's a mind game if I may. An imaginary scenario not to be taken seriously.

Hope It's more clear now.

In my opinion, the sad part of being atheist is not being able to say "told you so" or something among those lines as long as we live, because once we die it will be too late, and (too) many lives were wasted throughout history because we can't.. also many atheist lives were and still are being ruined because if we try to say "but look at XYZ" its reason enough to stigmatize us or even still kill us in some countries, unlawfully or not.

Sure you can say that "faith has brought *meaning* to some people's lives" but so has winning a lottery or having great vacations which affect you in an unexpected way.. or meeting new friends or getting an awesome pet or whatever. In the big picture that faith has brought muuuuuch more bad things upon this world than it did any good..

So yeah for me its not a problem that i can't say "told you so" when i die but that i can't say "i am glad you came to that conclusion" or "wow finally you came to your senses" as long as i am here.

I never ever managed to convince somebody to abandon other people's obsolete knowledge and cruel and moronic logic and immoral and unjust teachings.. even more saddening the reason mostly being that it was stuffed into their minds as soon as they started thinking.. meaning that they never had the choice to decide for themselves, even if they end up taking the irrational and flawed option when given the choice.

I was thinking about suggesting a law where parents are not allowed to drag their kids into their religion before they come to a certain age where they are less likely to take anything their parents feed them for granted. But being a small ant on this world and having an islamic country as the starting point where my influence is immesurably insignificant.. I am afraid thats for the future generations to attempt.. if for anybody.

Now you could say "thats impossible" but we are doing so with many other things, driving cars, drinking alcohol smoking and so on.. even if you do it you don't let them do it..

A halfway sane parent wouldn't let their 3 year old drive their car or drink alcohol, instead they simply forbid it or explain to them that later when they are old enough they can try and decide for themself.. Oh well.. can't blame me for dreaming :)

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