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anti christ? what are they anyway?

in the bible it is said that there will be signs to signal the coming of dooms day, while it's clear that it's Jesus christ himself that will bring upon this; the signs are rather common and vauge

wars will happen economy will fall governments will fall there will be a rise of the anti christ

the 1st 3 are kinda self explanatory, so the question is how does one qualify to be an anti christ? athiestism? other religions? satan worshipers? robot masters enslaving men?

unless thats a rethorical question..

The anti-christ is the guy who stabbed Jesus with the spear? At least that would be the most logical explanation to me.

Well maybe its also the whole concept of antimatter with the Antichrist being the counterpart of Jesus Christ and when those 2 guys meet all hell breaks loose. But i don't understand why you would ask atheists about that, that would be a great question for your local priest. Oh right you were wondering if the antichrist is some sort of super powered atheist, well very unlikely since atheists don't believe in the Judgement Day and Zombie Jesus being part of it so technically some ironman atheist shouldn't give a rat's pubic hair about the antichrist.

asking a priest would just give me a bias answer, hence it's not a reliable.

i doubt that Longinus is an anti christ, for he was just a general(possibly just a soldier ), he stabbed jesus because the towns people were gathering around jesus at the cross.

i ask this here because, these things are interesting, while i for one am not instrested in the judgment day itself; but the rise of it, is something worth looking into.

i'm not trolling here, this seems to be the best place to gain some perspective as there are people who are very knowledgeable in the bible.

btw i'm not bothered with "super powered athiest", or "zombie jesus"; i only use those terms to mock people. (i fell asleep during ironman both times)

Perspective i can give you.

Just to point it out.. the examples that i gave in my first post are merely a pathetic attempt to be funny, not something i would consider very logic, although, i bet there is at least as much logic behind my examples as a believer could offer.

Longinus being some super powered anti-christian being /antigod is maybe even a good guess since Jesus is claimed to have godlike powers, so stabbing him might require at least as much of a superhuman power, unless we say he let him stab him, which makes no sense if he just resurrects himself afterwards. Well he "did" let them crucify him.. just to rise again and make the world a better place (huh? must be some other world).

But then again, for a rational mind most of the biblical blatherings make no sense anyway, so why waste your breath in discussing something thats not even part of their actual teaching.. There is no "biblical evidence" about Longinus anyway, as far as i am familiar with that topic, been a while since i read the fairy tales for the last time and my "bible for kids" version wouldn't write something like that anyway, btw if somebody could point me to some "old testament for kids" literature, i would be very interested to read how one would present such atrocities to children. The antimatter thing was pure nonsense, based on the matter-antimatter concept, but since religions try to explain science with their teachings, one or the other believer might even find some logic in there, with the end result of course being antimatter losing and Jesus-matter winning the "physics battle" and sending the non-believers to hell and the believers to heaven or something among those lines.

The ironman thing.. not much to say about that, pure boredom, i made that up because you mentioned robots and atheists in the same sentence but... again... given the vast amount of ignorance and stupidity on earth i guess you could argue about that as well with one or the other feebleminded person.

Of course you will get a huge amount of different explanations if you ask theists to discuss it.

A few lines that i remember when talking about the Antichrist: (I didn't always ask who is the antichrist but rather generally talked about that and the consequences and so on).

- You will see when it happens, one has nothing to fear if they are pure in their heart (not that i said i am afraid, so i took it that he was afraid when talking about it) - People like you are antichrists! (my favorite) - it is the devil himself. (of course!) - it is the son of devil. (why not both of them? and the uncle and the aunt and their dog and the goldfish too!) - there is no antichrist, you go to hell as soon as you die when god/jesus kills everybody (well the audience on Rapture day at least) and you're doomed unless you ask him to forgive you and take responsibility for your sins! ok my sins.. but what about the unborn? - Even the unborn!

That "god will kill everybody and doom the unborn fetus" thing was the father of a friend of mine, I asked him if a fetus in the belly of an atheistic mother would go to hell as well, he said if the fetus accepts Jesus as it's savior and lets him pray for it's sins(?) then it will go to heaven and the mother will of course go to hell! When i asked him what sins the fetus could have possibly commited to be required to beg for forgiveness, he said, "God knows that, i don't need to know that."

I didn't know what to say about that.. but i didn't have the heart to say to my friend's father that he is among the biggest morons i ever met.

I wonder how many more different versions you can get together?!

A theist's belief system is obviously being stretched and twisted as much as it takes for the person to stick to the same system.. so it is pretty much undeniable and fail-proof, at least to the person within the system, providing various explanations on some topic from different people, well even completely different answers from the same person at some other time. That "phenomenon" is of course explained by "we are too stupid to understand god's ways"

I personally have never met a single person to break out of that system because somebody convinced them, i heard about others suffering huge losses or some critical shocks which would make them question their belief, some even dismiss it, but i never actually met someone who allowed anybody to affect their system from the outside, other than stretching it some more.. which is pretty impressive but even more saddening.

Well back to the point, what i meant by "you should ask your local priest" is that an atheist can't possibly tell you what qualifies somebody to be the antichrist, a rational mind can only dismiss it as mambo jambo, just like pretty much everything else. We can't even analyse their biblical "facts" on that matter since they are very unclear.. which could explain why the believers don't fully agree on that topic just like they don't fully agree about most of what they believe in.

I assume asking a priest wouldn't answer your question either, just like you said yourself, it would maybe give you a version of what the priest interprets as the best description for the antichrist, based on what he thinks or agreed on with his fellow believers if it ever came up in a discussion, unless he brings that "It is to us to follow the path of God, not to scrutinize it."-line or something like that.

He might though tell you that if you see somebody claim to be god and "perform godlike miracles" you should not believe them, for he is the Antichrist, instead you should believe the imaginary version of god which would never prove anything to you and therefore should be worshipped and blindly trusted (of course!).

But if that fails and you still have doubts, remember that god's ways are mysterious and you are born too stupid to comprehend it so don't bother trying or you might be labeled as a heretic, witch, antichrist? and so on.

(disclaimer: the next statement is a joke)

Which brings me to a conclusion.. you are the antichrist! ;)

Well i guess thats enough "me" for one day.. i rest my case!


i forgot to clarify the "robot masters enslaving men?" my apologies

what i truly meant was how humanity becomes technology dependent, and if so and there happen to be an event that causes technology to all fail at once humanity would just become lost. while movies and novels of the sci-fi genre like to play on this. all which are irrelevant in my findings. ____________ ok then as for sarcasm on you part/being funny, trust me i've tried; don't work quite well since it's all words, and no human contact(or one that emulates it)

i can't really agree on you with Longinus; as i've yet to hear a ver of the story where he's guarded as an anti-christ. i've actually never read any religious kid stories. while i do agree on the rest of your reply.

evangelist are actually my prey, i've lost count of how many i've made cry; my next possible target is a protestant priest. i'm often regarded as evil, and all i do is smile. i enjoy collecting the answers of each religion; and comparing them, but have never heard what an athiest would reply. i've been doing this since i was 14 after all i thank you for your reply, and...

me an antichrist? but jesus' my bitch

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