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Mindless evolution

Atheists, why would you trust your mind and your cognitive functions if it is the product of mindless evolution? surely the fact that you can think logically and coherently would mean that there was some intelligent creator.


Does it also mean there's a creator if we've got enough intelligence to invent the idea of one?

in all seriousness, i dont see the relevance of ur question Don???

It was a bit of a joke: If our ability to think is proof of a creator, then what is our ability to imagine creators proof of? Obviously, that they are imaginary.

Your line of argument is a logical fallacy called the "argument from ignorance". You're trying to claim (without evidence) that because your pet theory explains something that someone else can't explain, the theory must be correct.

By analogy, if I claim I have a million dollars in my pocket and you can't prove I don't, does that make me rich? If you apply your logic to this situation, I would think you'd be willing to make a strong wager about my millionaire status. Let's measure how much you believe in your own logic. How much money would you bet on the wager that I have a million dollars in my pocket, given that you can't (immediately) prove that I don't have it?

The time to believe something is when there is sufficient positive evidence FOR it. The lack of (or ignorance of) evidence for a competing claim has no bearing on the question.

As for your mischaracterization of evolution, you might try reading Jerry Coyne's "Why Evolution is True" to get a flavor for what it really says.

Theists, why would you entrust your whole life to something that exists only in your imagination? Surely the fact that you don't have a single piece of observable evidence after thousands of years could give you a reason to realize that it doesn't even exist?

evolution is mindless as it has nothing to do with the brain, it's a process of adaptation to the environment via genetics of the body. the fact that we can think logically and coherently does not mean much, as it's just a rational comprehension of reality itself.

even if there was/is an intelligent creator, it's existence is irrelevant because it's the body that decides the next path of the species.

the reason i feel most feel threaten by this are for the wrong reasons, proving the in-existence of an intelligent creator is not the reason why we pick up the interest of genetics, it's to understand the core of life itself, and also to create cures for diseases and such.

Dear Jeremiah,

You seem to suggest that intelligence is proof of the existence of a creator and an intelligent one at that. And, you also insinuate that it is probably the one you clearly believe in.

So you suggest that we believe in your god just to be safe (trust our mind...). Why should we become hypocrites, just to be safe?

Life has evolved (evolution is a reality) from the simple forms to the more complex ones (fossil syllabus), and from the less intelligent to the more intelligent. But, complexity is no more a purpose than intelligence is.

Finally, is the universe complex because it is intelligent, or is it intelligent because it is complex?

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