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Europe vs US

Hello, i live in Holland and i have always been an atheist yet have always been interested in the way the human mind works when it comes to religion. For a view years now i have noticed that the amount of atheist in my country has been rising alot. Many ppl now either completaly lost their faith in god or do still claim to be christian or catholic but no longer believe in god but instead ''that there is something more out there'' whatever that means. But when i look at America it seems ppl have onely become more religious to the point that they become aggressive whenever they meet anyone who sais he/she is an atheist.

I was wondering what you ppl think causes this seperation in thinking between europe and US when it comes to religion.

I appologise for my horrible spelling, english is not my normal language.

Well i'd say the creationist hype and the demonizing of science play a huge part.. in my opinion, i am not from the USA but that is the picture that i got.. people are brainwashed to abandon any sort of rational thinking when it comes to their imaginary friend.. and the "creation scientists" feed them "more god" although reason and knowledge should wash it away

here we have even less atheists and even less tolerance towards other religions and ESPECIALLY towards atheists like me.. It is funny, in bosnia we had a war 20 years ago between muslims (mainly) and serbian christians, like in the "good" old times.. infanticide, genocide, rape, slavery of some sort, and so on. The war could only be ended by dividing the country.. and now after the war, the religious penis measuring won't let the country recover.. they screwed up the following generations for good and won't even let us work on it.. But when it comes to god, they hate atheists more than each oter... and i have the same feeling when it comes to all the religious haters everywhere on this beautiful but ****ed up planet

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