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Problem of free will

I'm from Holland and some time ago there was a trial here about a guy who worked in a day care centre for little children, 2 to 5 years old. This man Robert was charged for mollesting several of these children, taping it and selling it online. The news here described what discusting things Robert did and it included raping. think about it, raping 2 to 5 year old children, taping it, taking it home to watch it and sell the recordings online for your own profit. I posted several questions on several websites asking for a religious persons to explain to me why a good, loving, all powerfull, all knowing god would allow this to happen to children. However, I never got a satisfying answer. It always comes down to free will. They'll say something like: well robert has free will, so bassically it is up to him to decide what he want to do and god cannot intervere. Well screw that. God constantly intervered in the old testament. Furthermore, the free will agrument is completely crap in this case. Cause god could have made him get lost every time he went to the day care centre. He might still have his free will to go rape kids, but he would just never get there. Or he could have beamed the kids back to their parents, like star trek. And then put a little note there stating that it was god who beamed them back cause robert wanted to rape them. them he would have convinced a lotta people of his excistence and he would have saved these kids. Robert could still have the free will to rape, but again would not be able to do so. He could magically made roberts penis disapear and his nose, fingers, hands, arms, toes and legs, just for good measure. Leave him a note and tell him it was god who did it, just so he know. Again he could still want to rape kids, but would be unable to do so. So please religious people, christians in particular, please explain why my reasoning is wrong. And if it is right, why didnt your god do any of this. Cause if a simple mortal like me can come up with this, surely an all powerfull all knowing god must have thaught of it?

Your point is very good!!!!!

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