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Fundamentalist Christian Sister shuns Atheist Sister

I realized my sister had blocked me one day from her FB and messaged her since she hadn't said anything prior to this to make me think there was something wrong. Sure I admit I pick on some of the silly things she posts occasionally...for example...she posted how much she admired a victoria's secret model for quitting the company because her body was for her husband etc.

I made the comment that it seemed controlling and if the reasons she gave were real she would have left the industry all together.

I made another comment about how god doesn't allow guys into heaven if they get kicked in the junk.

She let me know that yes I was correct, I was blocked and it was because my comments are passive aggressive to her. I felt she was misusing the definition of passive aggressive since, her actions matched it better. I thought they were funny, but I could blind to how I am really coming off here. I feel like the more time goes by the more I've lost my sister. She used to be funny and vibrant and slowly during high school has become robotic and subservient to the church group she met. She slowly has gotten rid of me from her life.

Religious and Atheist opinions are both welcome...

There's a mind game that believers play, where any criticism of the ideas is treated as a personal attack. It goes hand-in-glove with the persecution mentality that Christians have embraced.

The simple fact that she is perfectly welcome to promote her ideas in the public square (FB, in this case) and so is everyone else. If someone's ideas can't stand up to scrutiny and criticism, then they don't deserve any special respect.

In her blocking you, she is just sealing herself up in a bubble of like-minded people. It's her loss, really.

My guess is that your sister has some internal insecurity (self esteem issues). Sometimes, people cannot get past some negative high school social experiences for the rest of their life. Religion, probably, provides her a needed sense of comfort and she feels accepted in her church group. This can possibly explain why she shuns anything challenging her beliefs. Making fun of her beliefs, probably, will not help your relationship. She, likely, seeks understanding and comfort, not ridicule.

This is just a possible explanation. As for advice, challenging and criticizing her beliefs, definitely, will not help your relationship. I would try to understand her motivation.

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