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State Atheism

what do you think of State Atheism,"promoting the scientif-materialistic thought and the Atheist propaganda" ?

I'm not sure where you're getting this. In the US, the First Amendment of the Constitution prevents favoritism or interference with religious belief. This is backed by years of Supreme Court precedent ( So I don't think this will ever happen in the US (without a valid fight).

If you're talking about some other hypothetical country, then I personally wouldn't support any attempt at thought control. I do think education is important and that religious ideas (and history) shouldn't be immune from inquiry and scrutiny. Most such beliefs don't stand up if they're honestly evaluated.

I don't know of any atheist propaganda, but it would seem that if any movement needs propaganda, it isn't worth supporting.

Religion must be combated with knowledge and reason, not oppression.

yup that is what i was talking about when i spoke of propaganda:knowledge!

Then I think you need to brush up on the definitions of "propaganda" and "knowledge". Propaganda is intended to influence. Knowledge is simply the information we can discern about reality.

When did you stop beating your wife?

Anyone can create trick questions. What are your views on our current Christian theocracy and the religious agenda to crush our freedoms?

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