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Law against child indoctrination in Bulgaria (small EU country)

Hello guys.

I am passionate atheist. This is my first post here. I just wanted to share my euphoria about a law that could be aproved in my small country. I hope google translate can give you some basic understanding about this news article: (sadly it is in Bulgarian), but the main thing that makes me happy is that along with other types of child indoctrination, they will now ban religion indoctrination.

Bulgarian christian orthodox church is already against this law and I doubt it will be aproved, but I just don't know what should be done about it.

Frankly, religion should not be banned, indoctrination of children should.

Children copy their parents in everything - beliefs, political views, preferences in music, dressing and eating habits, even posture and tone of voice. Parents "indoctrinate" their children even if they say nothing and sit on a couch eating potato chips and watching TV. Imposing a 5000 levs fine on parents taking children to church, political and trade union gatherings will achieve nothing but causing grief to citizens. Much like banning abortions.

This law seems like another bone that governments of all countries like to throw to the people to fight about to distract them from real political problems. Leave euphoria to religious people and get your skepticism back. Faith or skepticism - people tend to forget their values when they need them most.

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