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Declaration of Intent

We gather today in solemn dedication as atheist free minds to establish a society for the enjoyment and advancement of Atheism in Austin, Texas. We accept and celebrate the material nature of reality which allowed the evolutionary development of life that made possible our personal lives on humanity's home planet. We accept and celebrate fully our intellectual, emotional, and physical humanity for the brief time that our minds are alive.

With this Declaration of Intent, we express our desire and hope for a more sane, rational, and progressive future for humanity. We dedicate ourselves to achieving and enjoying to the fullest possible extent the potential for personal liberty that exists within every human. We dedicate ourselves to effectively expressing our vision on civic and social affairs within the greater Austin area for the purpose of moving society toward a material realist approach to human affairs.

Therefor, we dedicate ourselves to the development of a social and activist organization that will meet the needs of Austin Atheists and provide a society to nurture our hopes. In accordance with our intent, we, the atheist free minds of Austin, Texas dedicate ourselves to our hopes for and vision of a more realist future by establishing the:

Atheist Community of Austin

Signed, this fifteenth day of December 1996, CE.

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