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We hope you enjoy the essays we've collected here, many of which were written by members of the ACA. You can sort by date, author, or title simply by clicking the desired column heading.

Date Posted   Author   Title
August 13, 2011 C. S. Lewis Miracles of the New Creation
November 30, 2008 Tracie Harris India's Growing Skeptic Movement
October 19, 2008 Don Baker Other Responses to the 2008 Candidate Questionnaire
August 20, 2008 Tracie Harris PhillyCOR Wants You!
March 18, 2008 Tracie Harris Connecticut Valley Controversy
February 19, 2008 Tracie Harris About Austin Cline
January 1, 2008  Don Baker Looking into the Ouster of Chris Comer
March 29, 2007  Don Baker What is your faith number?
December 16, 2006  Don Baker An Atheist Christmas Letter
September 20, 2006  Don Baker False Controversies, Factual Legends, and Sins of Omission: an Atheist's Adventures with the Austin American Statesman
April 9, 2006  Tim Suto The Business of Religion
March 9, 2005  Don Baker A Monument to Hypocrisy
March 2, 2003  Don Lawrence Freethinkers in Texas
September 11, 2002 Atheist Community of Austin Speeches from the Secular Memorial
February 15, 2002  Russell Glasser Report on Intelligent Design Debate
September 20, 2001 Atheist Community of Austin Thoughts on the September 11th Terrorist Attacks
  Martin Wagner Answers to Nothing: D. James Kennedy's Skeptics Answered Refuted
  Matt Dillahunty Atheism and the Law
  Mark Twain Battle Hymn of the Republic (updated)
  Mark Twain Bible Teaching and Religious Practice
  Jon Pool The Burden of Proof
  David Kent Censorship of Atheists and Atheism
  Martin Wagner Christians' Moral Blind Spot
  Deborah Arias Close Encounter with the Religious Right
  Elizabeth Cady Stanton Dare To Question
 Staks Discrimination of the Atheist
  Louis W. Cable Does The Bible Condone Slavery?
  Albert Einstein Einstein on a Personal God
  Albert Einstein Einstein on Prayer
  Albert Einstein Einstein on Purpose in Nature
  Albert Einstein Einstein on the Meaning of Life
  Albert Einstein Einstein on the Mysterious
  Albert Einstein Einstein on the Soul
  Charles Watts The Existence of God; or Questions for Theists
  Jim Lippard The Fabulous Prophecies Of The Messiah
  Jeff Dee The Glorification of Ignorance
  Paul Wilson God? Not a Chance: An Argument for Strong Atheism
  John Koonz Gott Mit Uns!
  David Kent I'll Pray For You
  Harry Quinlan Ibid: Scholar, Warrior, and Defender of the One True Faith
  Julie Fisher In-Your-Face Atheism: Condemnation Or Compliment? Why Use That A-Word Anyway?
  John Dolph IRC Chat: A Community For Atheists And Freethinkers
  Charles Watts Is There a Life Beyond the Grave?
  David Kent Jesus: Fact or Fiction?
 Atheist Community of Austin Mithra
  Chapman Cohen Morality Without God
  Albert Einstein Morals and Emotions
  David Kent Mormon Shmormon
  Jennifer Smith My Life As a Young Atheist
  Clarence Darrow The Myth of the Soul
  Percy Bysshe Shelley The Necessity of Atheism
  David Kent Periyar
  Emma Goldman The Philosophy of Atheism
  Charles Bradlaugh A Plea for Atheism
  Jon Pool The Positive Atheist
  Albert Einstein Religion and Science: Irreconcilable?
  Thomas Jefferson Religious Freedom - Letter to Rev. Samuel Miller
  Albert Einstein Science and Religion
  Charles Levendosky Setting a Booby Trap for Religious Liberty
  Tom Moore Stream of Halloween - Anthropic Consciousness
  Jeff Dee Supporting the Recent Pledge of Allegiance Ruling
  Bergan Evans A Tale of a Tub
  Mark Twain The Ten Commandments
  Mark Twain Thought of God
  Robert Green Ingersoll Tribute to Isaac H. Bailey
  Mark Twain War Prayer
  Clarence Darrow Why I Am An Agnostic
  Bertrand Russell Why I Am Not a Christian
  John Koonz Why we need to reject the Istook Religious Freedom Amendment

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