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My Life As a Young Atheist

Jennifer Smith
Since I was about 12, I’ve known that I didn’t believe in a "higher power". Thinking this way, most would say that there is no problem with it, but there is. Adults would not take me seriously, they would go on to tell me that I was just in a phase and I would meet my day with “God”, and I still hear this as a seventeen year old.

I live in Webster, Ma, which is a religious town, everyone goes to church, except my family. My family was never really into that kind of thing. My mother is Catholic, because that is what she was baptized to, but she doesn’t really believe there is a “God” either. My father, who is no longer part of my life, claims he saw Jesus, so everyone knows he is a fruitcake. My brother Mathew is not a believer, and my brother Michael is Pagan. My family and friends accept me as I am, but some of their parents don’t. Event to this day, I still have a few friends that their parents will not allow them to come to my house because they are afraid I will try to convert their kids, which is extremely ridiculous. I am not the type to harass someone for being a Catholic or anything. I believe that everyone chooses their beliefs and they shouldn’t be criticized for it. I have no Atheist friends or groups and t.v. shows I can watch here, although I wish I did so much. I tried once to get a group going, and the only responses from my ad I got was two Christian women trying to talk me into going to the Sunday Mass.

Luckily, I have already found the love of my life, and he agrees with me that baptizing the children would not be right, that they need to grow up and choose what they want to be part of. My fiancee is Sean, and he is Catholic.

Being trashed for being an Atheist is not fun at all, I have been hurt deeply inside due to not being accepted at times by people because I don’t believe in what everyone else does. I stand for what I believe in, even if it hurts me along the way, because if I don’t help stand up for Atheists, no one but other Atheists will and I believe it is my duty to help others like me.

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