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Activism - Page 3

Rodney Florence, Mary Sue Osborne and Diane Mankedick organized a Freethought/Atheist caucus at both the Travis County Democratic Convention and the Texas State Democratic Convention. This was a great opportunity to educate voters and legislators on issues of concern to the non-religious in our state as well as to request that the ENDA amendment be re-worded to include protection for the rights of atheists!


Here, Rodney and Mary Sue discuss our issues with delegates at the Travis County Democratic Convention.



Here, we see photos from the State convention in San Antonio. At left are attendees of the Freethought/Atheist Caucus. At right, Frank Prahl addresses the caucus.


Rep. Glenn Maxey chairing the Resolutions Committee.

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The audio and video from Dr. Shahnawaz August lecture is now available.