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News about News. Getting Meta...

2022-07-19 1:06 PM | News Update (Administrator)

The Atheist Community of Austin is working to upgrade communications with supporters and friends, expanding beyond the engagement with fans of the popular programs we broadcast. In recent weeks we have begun sharing news about atheists and atheism on our Facebook page, and we are working to include other social media platforms in the weeks ahead. With 30 days of effort to review, we have learned a few things!

1. Wow. If you DO NOT steward your social media for a while, the analytics when you DO are really impressive. Those 500%+ improvements are shockingly exciting, but then you remember it isn't hard to come up from a low bar.

2. There is a lot of news that connects to atheism and the position statements of the ACA. We are hoping that, over time, readers will follow us on the platforms of their preference to keep informed of the news on these matters.

3. Outside of Texas, our reach is highest in NYC and Portland, Oregon. 

4. Among those who like us on Facebook, 71.1% identify as men. (A bit of searching on the internet suggests that Facebook began offering other options to male or female in 2014.)

5. Happily, the MOST POPULAR post so far was about ACA returning to in-person events. We are pretty happy about that too!

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